The Former President Mr. Obama Came Forward For A Campaign Trail:

So there are less than 2 weeks duration left for the election day when the former president came forward to urge about all black men who were not given apathy.

Then he was campaigning in Pennsylvania, where he came for the Democratic Presidential Candidate who was again a former Vice President Joe Biden, on 21st.October.2020, in Philadelphia.

Mr Joe Biden, good at the advice in Valley in Philadelphia babe Mr. Barack Obama give an enthusiastic speech that highly raised questions about the dysfunctional approach of the Current President Donald Trump.

Heat mention the feeling of the Administration and also put forth the policy-based case of Baiden- Harisa administration. It was when Mr. Obama showed people the Realty show and he pointed out on Mr. Trump just being on the display and using the presidency as a television show to captivate on the attention.

Buy considering the corner virus pandemic situation Mr. Barack Obama criticize Mr. Trump’s throat of handling the situation where around:

  • 2,22,000 Americans had lost their lives.
  • 1 lakh small businesses were shut down
  • Millions of people lost their jobs

He also compared the approach of South Korea and Canada with the US doing very poor in the pandemic which was much wood in terms of mortality and infections that become the biggest question mark on the US presidency during such a dreadful situation.

He also said that Mr donuts from wants to take the full credit for the economy but doesn’t want to take the responsibility for the spin on it and he ignored it.

By taking a deep dig into Mr trump’s bank account and China. Also when the New York Times published this week about drum International Hotel were also operated in the country.

Mr Obama also claimed back that all of us know that Mr.Trump does have a secret business with China. The bank accounts were no more a secret and how was that possible?

Then the analysis of Mr. Trump’s tax records came to light it showed his business with China being flexible.

Can you people even imagine if during me being behind the re-election sessions and had such secret bank accounts in China, wouldn’t ‘The Fox news’ might have got a little concerned about the same? At such a moment they would have called me a ‘Beijing Barry’.

Mr. Obama also applauded Mr. Biden’s character with decency and empathy. He also mentioned the replacement and repealing of the Affordable care Act i.e. the Obamacare. Miss Kamala Harris and Mr. Baiden would delicately put forward their footsteps in expanding Medicare i.e. the public health insurance. Through their presidency creation of greater job opportunities worth $2 trillion climate plan will be introduced.

He made people envision a life wherewith Joe and Kamala at the controls won’t let you just go away with some crazy things. That’s worth a lot we can expect.

Life will be much simple and effortless. You don’t need to get worried about the President won’t be re-tweeting about conspiracy theories in terms of their secret cabals.

With Joe and Harris, no one would be threatened or insulted who disagrees with him.

This was all in terms of Mr. Trump’s irrespective behavior until now, which led Mr. Obama to come out and speak about his manipulative behavior that excuses Mr. Trump’s conduct.

He also exclaimed that’ Behavior Matters and Character matters too!’ Honk if you’re fired or ready to go “