Opinion Poll: It Is A Win-Win For BJP As Being A Single Largest Party: Leads NDA To Win Bihar With 147 Seats

New Delhi:

With around 147 seats did BJP JDU alliance is in the earth’s to win a comfortable majority in Bihar with around 147 seats along with 243 member assemblies. With the poll released by Times Now-C voter on Sunday, the above mentioned statistics lead you with the great winning position for the BJP alliance.

The survey which came into life short according to the predictions that BJP is likely to emerge as one of the single parties, within the state that will be acquiring around 77 seats however its Ally JD (U) will have the projection of attaining 66 seats during this emergence.

While 7 seats are projected to different other allergies of NDA.

It is almost predicted that after the RJD Congress led mahagathbandhan, gave a positive approach of winning 87 seats. Also so that Tejaswini Yadav med government RJD acquired winning 60 seats. Why the Congress cleaned 16 seeds and the other UPA alliances received around 11 seats in the polls.

Whereas Chirag Paswan LED ljp might receive around three seeds and the other parties only projecting to get 6 seats according to the survey which was predicted.

As per the opinion poll which came into the light RJD attains the highest number of votes that shares around 24.1 percent as compared to 18.8 percent. In the year 2015 as BJP’s 2020 e-voting share is projected that comes down to 21.6 % from 25 % in the year 2015. P even the Jay du will have a minimum increase as per the vote shares in the year 2020 will be claiming around 18.3% to 17.3 percent in 2015 as per the prediction poll that came into light.

To secure a major majority of seats in the assembly a party of the alliance requires either 122 seats in the 243 seat assembly.

Even the Times Now-C voter opinion poll has brought a tremendous number of surveys that is projected around 30,678 people that will be covered in the Bihar assembly which is around 243 seats.

Basically, the survey was conducted from October 1 to 23 and these are the predictions that have been mentioned above according to which the Bihar legislative assembly election will be held in three phases from October 28 to November 7.

The results will be announced on November 8. after the covid-19 damage the elections that were conducted will be followed and issued by the election commission of India as the Janata Dal in the NDA will contest around 115 seats whereas BJP consists of 110 seats for their candidates.

Lok janshakti party which has an alliance with the BJP has been given around 143 candidates the tickets of contesting the state polls alone.

the grand alliance of RJD will have 144 seats and the Congress that has bagged around 70 seats for their candidates this show would be worth watching.