Cyclone Nivar Landfall At 145Kmph Near Puducherry Hits On Midnight Or Early Thursday Intensifying Further Says IMD

Chennai, India:

According to the Regional Meteorological Center, cyclone Nivar will extremely cause heavy rainfall and winds which will be around 130 and 120 km per hour. It will also gust up to 145 kilometers per hour according to the IMD.

This has been termed as a ‘severe cyclonic storm’ that will be barreling towards the southeast coast of Tamilnadu and Puducherry. It has been expected that the powerful cyclone will hit nearly e bi midnight or early tomorrow according to IMD department.

The coastal areas come between Malappuram in Tamilnadu which is around 56 km from the state capital Chennai and reach Karaikal in Puducherry.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Tuesday, tweeted about the assurance in terms of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry governments have declared a public holiday for attaining all supports. With around 13 districts of Tamil Nadu that includes Chennai with Cheif Minister E Palaniswani announced.

Latest updates on Cyclone Nivar

  • It is expected around 1,000 cusecs surplus water is expected to be released from Chembarambakkam lake residing outside Chennai from this noon.
  • The people staying near the low-lying areas were evacuated near Chennai’s Adyar River. The authorities have also mentioned for panic at the moment. Around 2,000 people have been evacuated towards the higher grounds taking around Tamil Nadu’s Cuddalore district.
  • Bus services are suspended for around 7 Tamil Nadu districts. It has been appealed by the Cheif Minister Palaniswani, to stay indoors. Around 4000 vulnerable locations and identified with local officials to ensure people’s safety.
  • The 4 reservoirs such as Poondi, Red Hills, Cholavaram, and Chembarambakkam in terms of a rapid rise in water levels.
  • Revenue Minister RB Udhayakumar heads the DMD told the sources that, ‘ We are ensuring clear channels for a smooth flow of water and safe storage in large lakes.’
  • It was also anticipated the damage to crops and buildings power and communication lines and thatched roofs can happen due to this cyclone. It was already d Kapil on Wednesday in Puducherry to ban large gatherings and public movements till Thursday 6:00 a.m. also the shops which are not essential and services have been shut only fuel stations hospitals pharmacies and milk boots along with certain government offices will be open.
  • Governor Kiran Bedi this morning has to appeal to everyone to stay indoors and also to move around to safer places before the storm hits. Puducherry has also installed a number 7 storm warning cage at all port areas this will help in intensive farming the light or moderate that can help the people to know no one on the storm severe weather experiences.