Mr “Natwarlal” Of Delhi Caught For Fake Tour Agency Swindle Worth Crores

After a pursuit of around 180 kms, Mr Natwarlal was gotten on August 21, 2022, from Delhi Cantt. Railroad Station when he was again attempting to take off from Delhi via train.

New Delhi: Delhi Police has captured a hitched couple supposedly engaged with the misappropriation of crores of rupees of financial backers through a phony Tour and Travel Agency, said police.

The charged people have been distinguished as Satya Parkash Bhardwaj, 52, and Suman Arya. In the nearby area, Mr Bhardwaj was prevalently known as “Natwarlal”, added the police.

Delhi Police Economic Offense Wing recorded a FIR or police case on the grumbling that various casualties were being bamboozled by a couple, according to the police.

They were unshakably dodging capture and escaped away from Delhi alongside their kids in 2018. A compensation of ₹ 25,000/ – each was pronounced on the capture of both in the previously mentioned FIR, as per the police.

The wrongdoing branch figured out that the couple was available in Rajasthan close to Jaipur till April 2022.

Strikes were directed in Rajasthan and upon watchful enquiry in the ground by colleagues, urgent data about needed people arose that they were likewise enjoyed duping exercises in Rajasthan and a body of evidence was enrolled against them in Chandwaji police headquarters.

The couple supposedly escaped from Jaipur in April 2022.

The group directed attacks in Western Uttar Pradesh, and it was uncovered that they are as of now in Garh Mukteshwar, UP.

The group quickly moved to Garh Mukteshwar, however the charged Satya Parkash Bhardwaj again figured out how to take off from that point.

After a pursuit of around 180 kms, Mr Natwarlal was gotten on August 21, 2022, from Delhi Cantt. Railroad Station when he was again attempting to take off from Delhi via train.

Interim, the group followed Mr Natwarlal’s significant other out at Upadhayay Colony, Garh Mukteshwar and captured her on Tuesday.

On cross examination, Mr Natwarlal conceded that he enjoyed tricking for the sake of Manali Tour and Travels, Subsidy Programs, Rastrishya Siksha Mission and so on in Delhi and Rajasthan.

His better half Suman Arya too conceded that she alongside her significant other participated in duping individuals.

In 2017, Mr Natwarlal began a Playschool to be specific ‘Wings to Dreams’ and Vital Welfare Tour and Travels organization, and again stole an immense sum from various financial backers and took off from Delhi to Rajasthan.

In Rajasthan 2020, he opened an organization for the sake of ‘Wings to Life’ and actuated individuals on account by giving sponsorships on e-cart, sunlight powered chargers, and so on and deceived individuals for a measure of around ₹ 25 Lakh, following which one more instance of cheating got enrolled against him in Rajasthan.

From that point forward, he persistently avoided his capture in various cases and dwelled to a great extent by concealing his personality.

The denounced people prompted the honest individuals for putting resources into rewarding plans and returns/gifts to draw more individuals.

When a gigantic measure of cash is contributed, the couple used to wrap up their office and take off.

They additionally deceived individuals for the sake of different sponsorship plans show to the public authority.


(With the exception of the title, this story has not been altered by NDTV staff and is distributed from a partnered feed.)

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