3 Accused Of Killing Madhya Pradesh Cops Shot Dead In Encounters So Far

Madhya Pradesh: Three blamed have so far been killed and four others captured regarding the killing of three cops on Saturday, while two charged are on the run.

Guna: One of the people blamed for killing three cops in Madhya Pradesh’s Guna area last week was fired dead in an experience with police on Tuesday morning, a senior authority said.

With this, three blamed have so far been killed and four others captured regarding the killing of three police officers on Saturday, while two denounced are on the run.

The experience occurred in a backwoods close to Haripura town at around 5.30 am on Tuesday, Superintendent of Police Rajiv Mishra said.

The police got data about the presence of one of the blamed – – Chhotu Pathan (30) – – in Ruthiyai region late Monday night.

A police group began looking for himself and went up against him in the timberland close to Haripura, the authority said.

When requested to give up, the charged began shooting on police with a nation made gun. He wound up dead in the retaliatory terminating by police, the authority said.

Police constable Vinod Dhakad was harmed in the discharging by the charged and a few projectiles additionally hit the police vehicle, he said.

On May 14, three police officers were killed after a gathering of poachers, the majority of them hailing from one family, started shooting at them close to Saga Barkheda town, approximately 60 km from the region central command.

On Monday, two other charged, recognized as Nisar Khan (70) and his child Shahraj Khan (52), the two inhabitants of Bidhoria town, were captured and a help rifle grabbed from the dead cops was recuperated from them, SP Mishra prior said.

After the three police officers were killed last Saturday, a door to door search was directed in Bidhoria town, which prompted the revelation of the slug hit group of one of the blamed, Naushad Khan (35), who was killed supposedly in retaliatory terminating by cops.

That very day, one more blamed, Shahzad Khan (38), was killed in an experience with police.

Afterward, the police had captured two blamed, Shanu false name Shafaq Khan (27) and Mohammad Jiya Khan (28). Two others needed for the situation, recognized as Gullu Khan (25) and Vicky otherwise known as Dilshad Khan (25), are still on the run.

According to the police, the greater part of the blamed are relatives for Nisar Khan.

Shanu and Jiya Khan, captured prior, were shot in the legs and curbed after they attempted to escape from police authority on Sunday while being taken to recuperate arms and dead dark buck, a safeguarded creature, concealed by them, police had said.

The poachers were hunting dark buck for meat for a wedding capacity in Naushad Khan’s family when a police group had shown up at the spot subsequent to getting a hint about their presence, prompting the terminating and the retaliatory activity, authorities said.


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