5 Ways To Boost Immunity And Fight Coronavirus : Very Important, Health Lookbook

Coronavirus has completely transformed our lives. It has made us enter a man-made rattrap. Our lives have changed, and whenever we step outside our houses, there is a constant fear at the back of our minds – the fear of getting infected, and the worst part is we never know who is infected and from where we might catch the virus infection. The coronavirus cases are rising rapidly with every coming day. While we all are trying our best to take all the necessary precautions, there is still uncertainty on how to save ourselves from this disease. Matter of fact, till the vaccine comes across, we all need to be extra cautious in our dealings and do everything by taking proper measures for our safety. Following the government, guidelines are also, extremely important. Apart from taking care of our outer self, we also need to peek inside and look after our mental, emotional, and physical health as well. 

How to Increase immunity? 

Taking care of your health and boosting your immunity is very crucial in this critical period. We need to keep a check on what we are consuming – it has to be healthy and also help us stay fit. 

1)Introduce a good amount of vitamins in your diet.

Include green vegetables: they shall not only help you to stay healthy but also help you fight any disease. Spinach, tomato, carrot, broccoli, and fruits like strawberries, orange, mangoes should amount for a considerable portion in our daily routine. All these contain Vitamin A, E, C, D which is the foremost requirement of a human body. 

They also help in increasing immunity in kids. We need to be extra careful in giving proper vitamins to the kids since the disease is deadly for them. Building kids’ immunity is very essential. 

2)Take a proper sleep 

Our body heals and repairs itself at night and therefore, it is highly essential to keep being a night owl at an arm’s distance. By not sleeping well and not giving our body sufficient time to get rid of wear and tear, we are decreasing our immunity of fighting against coronavirus. 

Therefore, taking a proper sleep of 7-8 plays a key role in fighting the deadly virus. Do not hamper your sleeping pattern in any way. 

3)Drink enough water 

Drinking plenty of water naturally keeps all the diseases at a bay. Not only now, but drinking a good amount of water is always necessary. Otherwise, a human body gets prone to a number of diseases. 

Drink a glass of warm water as you wake up. Adding lemon and ginger is an additional benefit to the drink. It will help you stay energetic and remove all the toxins from the body. 

Consume a glass of Haldi water / milk once daily. Haldi is anti-bacterial, anti-virus, and anti-inflammatory. It increases the body’s resistance to fight any disease and also leads in increase in immunity. 

Also, add a glass of ‘kadhai’ in your regular routine. Add cinnamon, ginger, basil leaves, mint leaves, a pinch of salt and cardamom in a cup of water, boil them together and drink it. 

4)Exercise everyday 

Exercise plays a key role in maintaining fitness and healthy life. Work out every day at home and do easy home workout exercises to fight against the virus. Exercise will also add to your healthy lifestyle. Do jogging, running, walking, planks, lunges, push-ups on a daily basis. These exercises are as easy as pie and beginner-friendly. Anyone can do them at home themselves. 


5)Remain Stress-Free 

Stress kills our mental health. It’s very important to keep ourselves at a distance from stress. Stress also increases body fat and disrupts our health. The best way to deal with the virus is by fighting it mentally. Till the time we do not have the vaccine, we need to remain strong, and this is the only way to fight the virus.