Coronavirus Recent Updates : US Will Treat Patients Using Plasma Therapy

Since November 2019, Coronavirushas turned the world upside down. Having originated from China, the virus spread its roots all over the world in 2020. The outbreak of Coronavirus has highly affected us all adversely. In order to curb the spread of the virus, lockdown was imposed in almost all parts of the world, except the US, the main reason why US experienced a substantial increase in the COVID-19 cases rising to 58 lakhs cases and 1lakh deaths. The figures are extremely depressing. 

Why Plasma Therapy? 

The present situation in the US is horrifying. The cases nowhere seem to come to an end. The data is terribly shocking and is worsening day by day. The world’s richest economy is having a tough time to combat the deadly virus. Mapping the situation, USA has announced for the emergency treatment of patients using Plasma therapy. The figures are uncontrollable and therefore this seems a necessary step. 

Role of FDA 

As per the reports, this treatment does not exceed any threatening risks. As per FDA ( US Food and Drug Administration), up to 70,000 people got cured with this therapy without showing any negative side effects. It helped them recover well and get rid of the Coronavirus infection. This is a crucial reason why the government has declared the immediate treatment of the patients using this therapy. The data of the patients who have recovered using therapy has been satisfying. 

Donald Trump’s take on the FDA initiative 

The President of the US, Donald Trump considered it as a welcoming step initiated by the Food and Drug Administration. He said that this would help the country save the lives of its people and definitely ensure decrease in the number of infected patients. He has acknowledged this move and has claimed that it would save many lives. The President is pleased about the fact that this would ensure a step ahead in curtailing the spread of the virus and treated the patients. At the White House conference, he held a strong affirmation in this measure and has asserted that this would be a positive measure in limiting the spread of the disease in the country. 

Undoubtedly, the therapy has shown a positive sign in breaking the chain of the spread, however, this shall be used only in case of emergency. The entire world is waiting for the vaccine to reach all across the world and help eliminate the disease. Till then, if required, US might treat the patients with plasma therapy. 


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