COVID-19: 4 Tips For Parents to Avoid Getting Mislead on Coronavirus

The impact of COVID-19 virus and the high rate of its transmissibility is the major concern for all. Even though the occurrence of COVID in children is way lesser than in adults, the fact that a dangerous virus like COVID-19 is lurking around, there is a lot of panic among parents. What adds to the worry of parents is the over-availability of information. Information related to COVID-19 is available in abundance, making it difficult for a normal internet user to sort out the right one from the wrong one. The excess information has also given rise to the spread of wrong information. Therefore, parents should be extremely careful about the information available about the COVID virus, follow these tips:

  1. Don’t believe everything on the internet

Do not believe whatever is available on the internet, hence follow only credible sources for updates on COVID-19 for kids. Government bodies, several agencies, and media websites release timely updates on COVID. Avoid overfeeding your mind with stuff that is irrelevant to you.

  1. Get Vaccinated

Get vaccinated and follow COVID-19 appropriate behaviour – these are the keys to keeping children safe from the infection. Instead of indulging in excessive information and research, focus on following the basic safety rules and teach your child the same.

  1. Stay Away from fake news, and WhatsApp forwards

Don’t add air to the fire of fake news. Avoid forwarding Whatsapp messages, and following the plethora of hacks that get shared on Whatsapp groups. People who are spreading wrong information, call them out and educate them. Highlight the importance of verified information and reach out to people with relevant data.

  1. Don’t get paranoid

COVID is one of the many things the world is dealing with right now. Though its spread is alarming, it does not make it omnipresent, therefore, know the symptoms of the infection, severity, and reach out to an expert or consultant whenever in doubt. Don’t get paranoid and connect all health issues with the virus.