10 Cities With The Cleanest Air In India

Air contamination was one of the major environmental threats in the 21st century. In addition to harming human wellbeing, air emissions change the environment and thus jeopardize the survival of millions of animals on our earth.

According to World Air Quality Report compiled by IQAir and shared with government-supported air quality surveilling stations, Ghaziabad, Delhi, Lucknow is among the 21 Indian cities that were on the list of the 30 most contaminated cities worldwide in terms of PM 2.5 levels in 2019.

Most would assume that air pollution in India is all around us, but that is not so because many cities have continued to maintain their air clean successfully. Based on data from IQAir, Mirror Now Digital published in 2019 a list of ten lowest rates of PM 2.5 air polluted cities across India. And the following list.

Rank City PM2.5’s 2019 average (µg/m³)
1 Satna (Madhya Pradesh) 15.5
2 Kumbhori (Maharashtra) 20.3
3 Haldia (West Bengal) 25.9
4 Tirupati (Andhra Pradesh) 26.4
5 Katiya Kalan (Madhya Pradesh) 27.7
6 Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) 27.9
7 Chikkaballapur (Karnataka) 28.8
8 Bhatinda (Punjab) 31.0
9 Bengaluru (Karnataka) 32.6
10 Amravati (Andhra Pradesh) 33.0


In Northern India Air pollution Rises

In the coming months, Northern India is indeed beginning winter in terms of air pollution towards the poorest time of the year. On Thursday, the Delhi Air Quality level impacted ‘substantial’ levels for a short time before dipping into the category of ‘very low.’ Centre-run SAFAR added that the wind speed is expected to increase and “progression is likely to have a positive effect on air quality” on Thursday, the share of stubble burning in the National capital’s PM2.5 pollution increased by 36 percent.