Ukraine Shoots Down 5 Russian Planes, Helicopter In Luhansk

  1. Ukraine’s Border Defend Company Stated That The Russian Army Has Attacked The United States Of America From Neighbouring Belarus.
  2.  The organisation said the russian troops unleashed an artillery barrage as a part of an attack subsidized with the aid of belarus.
  3.  Kyiv: ukraine navy on thursday claimed to have shot down five russian planes and a russian helicopter within the breakaway luhansk region shortly after moscow launched a army operation in opposition to the country. Ukraine army claims five russian planes and a russian helicopter had been shot down inside the luhansk location, information employer reuters reported.
  4. Ukraine navy claims five russian planes and a russian helicopter have been shot down in the luhansk area, information agency reuters reported. Ukraine’s border defend business enterprise stated that the russian military has attacked the us of a from neighbouring belarus.
  5.  The company stated the russian troops unleashed an artillery barrage as a part of an attack backed by using belarus. They said the ukrainian border guards had been firing lower back, adding that there has been no immediate record of casualties. Russian troops have deployed to its ally belarus for army drills, a move that the west saw as a prelude to an invasion of ukraine.
  6.  The ukrainian capital of kyiv is about 75 km (50 miles) south of the border with belarus. In the meantime, russia claimed that it has destroyed ukraine’s air bases and its air defences. “military infrastructure at ukrainian army air bases has been rendered out of motion,” the defence ministry stated in a announcement carried through information agencies, which brought that kyiv’s air defence structures had been “removed”.
  7. Ukraine has round 2 hundred,000 army employees and will enhance that with up to 250,000 reservists. Moscow’s total forces are a good deal larger — round 1,000,000 lively-responsibility employees — and had been modernised and re-armed in current years. But ukraine has received advanced anti-tank weapons and a few drones from nato members.
  8.  Extra have been promised as the allies attempt to deter a russian attack or at least make it high priced. Ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy earlier made an emotional appeal for peace, added in large part in russian.
  9. you are being advised that ukraine can pose a threat to russia. “it turned into no longer like this inside the past, it is not like this now and it’ll not be so within the destiny. You demand security ensures from nato. We additionally demand guarantees of our safety – from you, from russia, and different guarantors of the budapest memorandum,” zelenskyy stated in a video deal with.
  10.  Ukrainian president warned that a russian invasion could cost tens of heaps of lives and reassured that his us of a posed no risk and could no longer pose any risk to russia in destiny. The white residence too answered by way of warning that putin will face large outcomes if moscow invades ukraine.