What Five International Leaders Said On Russia Attacking Ukraine

Us President Joe Biden Stated That They Might Maintain To Provide Guide To Ukraine And That The World Will Maintain Russia Answerable For The Military Onslaught.

New Delhi: western powers today reacted strongly to russian president vladimir putin launching navy operations in ukraine. In a unique televised deal with, putin announced a “special military operation in ukraine”. Shortly after, ukraine officials suggested missile attacks and gunfire in several cities. Right here is how the sector leaders reacted to russia maintaining war on ukraine:

Russia Could Be Held Responsible: Usus president joe biden stated that they might retain to offer help to ukraine and that the arena will keep russia responsible for the military onslaught. He called the assault “unprovoked and unjustified”.

my prayers are with the people of ukraine as they suffer an unprovoked and unjustified attack by using russian army forces,” biden said in an cope with.russia alone is answerable for the loss of life and destruction this assault will carry, and the us and its allies and partners will reply in a united and decisive way. The arena will maintain russia accountable,” he stated.

 Putin Has Chosen A Route Of Bloodshed: Uk;-the uk and its allies will respond decisively to russia’s “unprovoked” assault on ukraine, high minister boris johnson stated nowadays. Taking to his twitter take care of, mr johnson stated that he is appalled by the horrific occasions in ukraine and has spoken to ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky to speak about the next steps.

president putin has chosen a course of bloodshed and destruction by way of launching this unprovoked attack on ukraine. The uk and our allies will respond decisively,” he said in a tweet.

 Ecu Leader Vows To Preserve Russia ‘Accountable’ For Unjustified Attack;-ecu chief ursula von der leyen on thursday denounced russia’s attack on ukraine and vowed to maintain moscow “accountable”.

“we strongly condemn russia’s unjustified assault on ukraine. In these dark hours, our mind are with ukraine and the harmless women, guys and youngsters as they face this unprovoked assault and fear for their lives,” ecu leader ursula von der leyen wrote on twitter.

 Nato Condemns ‘Reckless Assault’-nato secretary-popular jens stoltenberg strongly condemned russia’s “reckless and unprovoked attack” on ukraine and stated nato allies could meet to tackle the effects of moscow’s “aggressive moves”.

 India Calls For Fast De-Escalation-at a unique meeting of the united nations security council to discuss the tendencies in ukraine, india stated that the hostility between russia and ukraine could spiral into a primary crisis. The scenario is in danger of spiralling into a chief crisis. We express our deep challenge over the developments, which if now not dealt with carefully, might also well undermine the peace and protection of the vicinity,” india’s everlasting consultant to the united international locations ts tirumurti stated.