Jewish Population Decreased Statistics in Europe in last 50 years: Study


In the last 50 years, the Jewish community in Europe has fallen by more than 60% and now 0.1% of the continent’s population is made up of Jews.

In the past 90 percent of the Jewish community, which was nearly 90 percent in the latter part of the 19th century but was comparable in the last thousand years, is now living in Europe, according to a survey by the London-based Institute.

In Europe in 2020, 1.3 million Jews lived, almost 0.1% of the continent’s population and two three thirds of them live in the UK, Germany, and France. They claim that they live in Europe.

The study said that Jews were not only part of Europe’s history and tradition but that they were in fact one of the oldest and most original component communities.

Yet the intrinsic insecurity deneme bonusu veren siteler of a landless and helpless community in comparison to territorial communities and its constituted forces has always made the Jewish people dependent and unstable, contributing to strong ups and downs in the Jewish presence.

The research observes that the Holocaust led to the deaths of nearly 6 million Jews under the Hitler dictatorship in the first half of the 20th century decreased the number of Jews to about 11 million.

It said in the last decades of the 20th century, the opening of the doors of the Soviet Union led to over 1.8 million Jews leaving eastern Europe between 1969 and 2020, which ultimately caused a drastic shift in the Jewish population’s center of gravity from the east to the west of the continent.

88% of that same Jews of the whole world lived in Europe in 1880. By 1945, this proportion had fallen, respectively, to 35% and 26% and 9% in 1970 and 2020, according to the report.