Nagrota Encounter: Pakistan Based 4 Jaish Terrorists Killed by Indian Army

New Delhi: India today called on Pakistan High Commission Company Charge to raise questions about the meeting on Thursday in Jammu and Nagrota, where four alleged Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist operatives were assassinated. Source reports reported that the Department for Foreign Affairs recorded a greater exposure requesting that Pakistan stop funding terrorist operations from its territories whereas weakening the terrorist networks.

New Delhi repeated its protracted demand that Islamabad upholds its foreign responsibilities and bilateral alliances to avoid any controlled territories being used in any way against India for terrorism, sources have reported.

In an early Thursday morning meeting with security services on the national highway Jammu-Srinagar near Nagrota, the four alleged Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists hiding in a truck were killed. Mostly during the gunbattle, two police officers were wounded and the driver survived. the terrorists were likely to planning a big attack and head for the Kashmir Valley where local elections are scheduled later this month, stated by the Police.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke on Friday with Home minister Mr. Amit Shah and National Security Advisor Mr. Ajit Doval and also with few others. Their alarms have led them to overcome a vicious plot aimed at the grassroots democratic practice in Jammu and Kashmir, tweeted by PM Narendra Modi. Our security forces have demonstrated once more the utmost courage and professionalism.

Reports suggested as until now inquiry has reported something on the 26/11 anniversary of the Mumbai attack the terrorists were preparing a bombing. Many weapons have been recovered, including 11 AK-47 guns, three handguns, and 29 grenades.

For the 2nd attempt, a Pakistani official was summoned in a week. On Saturday, India invited a High Commission Chief of Industry of Pakistan to lodge a huge protest over Pakistan’s heavy bombing of the multi-controlled (LoC) regions of Jammu and Kashmir, which killed at least nine persons.