Important Documents to Keep in Handy while Driving a Taxi in India

In India, driving a taxi is accompanied by its own set of responsibilities. By law, every taxi driver must possess some important documents while driving the vehicle. These provisions have been enforced to ensure safety to individuals while driving on the road. Moreover, as a responsible taxi driver having all documents ready is imperative for your passengers’ safety and comfort.

Failure to own these documents is a punishable offense and may levy heavy penalties on you. Also, it will add to your passenger’s inconvenience. So, here are some important documents that you must always carry while driving a taxi/cab in India.

#1. Commercial driver’s license:  

A driving license is one of the most crucial documents to possess for driving taxis in India. It is an absolute must-have as per Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. All taxi drivers that come under the scope of commercial drivers should obtain a commercial driving license.

A commercial driving license is a legal entity that entitles you to operate your vehicle for transportation purposes on highways as well as in public areas. A driving license is issued by the respective state’s Regional Transport Authority (RTO) and requires furnishing the following documents:

  • Learner’s license (before commercial license the applicant has to acquire a learner’s license)
  • Address Proof.
  • Identity Proof (Passport/Aadhar/PAN Card/Birth Certificate/ 10th-grade mark sheet)
  • Passport size photographs.

#2. Commercial vehicle insurance: 

According to Motor Vehicle Act 1988, every vehicle, be it commercial or non-commercial should obtain an insurance policy. As per law, it is mandatory for commercial vehicles to secure at least a liability-only policy that aims to protect third-party against damages caused by your vehicle in place. Although for enhanced protection, it is always advisable to opt for a comprehensive plan that protects your taxi and driver as well.

Apart from having legal significance, a commercial vehicle insurance policy is important to provide yourself and your vehicle protection against unforeseen instances. So, don’t forget to secure an insurance policy and carry its related documents wherever you go.

#3. Vehicle Pollution certificate (PUC):

A Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate is an official document that acts as proof that emission from your vehicle complies with standard emission limits set by the government. This document is issued by the government after your vehicle undergoes a thorough emission test. These tests are generally performed at authorized petrol pumps.

Having a pollution certificate is mandatory; it provides you a legal permit that your taxi is fit to be used. If you fail to produce a PUC certificate to road authorities, you will have to pay hefty fines. Furthermore, as per IRDAI, renewing a motor insurance policy will also need to submit a PUC certificate.

#4. Registration Certificate (RC): 

Registration Certificate is another crucial document that should not be missed by any chance. It is legal proof of your vehicle’s registration. By law, it is compulsory to get your vehicle registered within seven days of purchase. An RC is issued by Regional Transport Office (RTO). After the registration, you have to carry the relevant document in your taxi at all times. Inability to produce a document when asked by officials is liable to impose a hefty fine on you.

#5. Required permits/Fitness Certificate: 

Operating a taxi in India requires obtaining special permits. A permit is an entity that authorizes you to use the vehicle for transport purposes as per in compliance with the provisions and rules covered under the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. A permit is issued by a State or Regional Transport Authority.

Another common document that officials often ask for is the vehicle Fitness Certificate. The Fitness Certificate validates that your vehicle is fit to run on roads. So, make sure to keep these documents handy. Even if you are pulled over by officials, you can present documents for verification purposes.

Final Words

To sum up, this is the list of documents that you should always keep safe in your taxi. Having these documents is mandatory by law. In case if you don’t have any of these documents and get caught by cops, you may have to pay a huge fine or may even be subject to punishment in form of jail term.

Above all, your passengers may have to suffer because of it. This may impact your credibility. Thus, always be sure to complete the needed paperwork beforehand. Performing due diligence beforehand will save you from hassles later on.

Additionally, there are some advisory items also that you should always carry in your taxi. Conduct a careful assessment and get all paperwork ready before you hit the road.

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