The 5 Apps You Need To Survive In A Big City

Moving is stressful. You have so much to coordinate – travel, packing, expenses, and of course the first thing you’ve got to get sorted is finding a place to stay. Thankfully, professionally managed operators like Stanza Living have made this super easy. By bundling a fully-furnished room, delicious meals, the best of amenities and access to exciting community events in the monthly rent, they’ve got your move to a big city totally covered. And not just that, they’re as tech-savvy as you are. That’s why they’ve got an app of their own – the Stanza Living Resident App which takes care of all your tedious tasks like complaints, feedback, payments, updates etc. Dying to know more? Head over to to find out.

Now that you have accommodation figured out, what about everything you have to do outside their walls? Whether it’s familiarising yourself with the local language, sampling all the new foods, learning the shortcuts to your new college or workplace, or making friends with strangers – there’s so much for you to do. And there’s no reason for you to stress about it when you can simplify the journey with a tap of your fingers. Your smartphone can be a bible of apps that’ll help you navigate your new city. Here are a few of our favourites which you should add to your screen:


There’s nothing worse than getting lost in a new city. Sure, you can rely on Google’s version, but we personally feel MapmyIndia is far more detailed, and will take you down every street and bylane of the country. You can even check out different options of navigating public transportation. Simply type in your destination, and the app will present you with multiple maps for walking, using the subway, buses, bikes or even car sharing. By comparing the different routes, arrival times, and costs, it makes the travel to your destination efficient and easy. It even gives you real time updates on traffic congestions or potential roadblocks, and recalibrates routes to save time. With MapmyIndia, you can travel stress-free wherever you are in India.


When you move somewhere new, you have to start from scratch when it comes to figuring out utilities and services. Once you’ve found accommodation, you get busy with procuring everything that will make your new place livable – from Internet providers to pest control to furniture, or even figuring out the nearest pharmacy and hospital. Luckily, Justdial has been India’s go to app for finding businesses that solve your requirements. The Justdial app continues to stay true to the idea of the original telephone directory with millions of listings and an opportunity to even interact and rate service providers through the app. A must have for all your local needs.

Book My Show

Want to know more about what’s hot in your new city? From movies, plays, local events, theme parks, comedy shows and even sports tournaments, this is an app that’ll keep you up to date with everything that’s underway in your city, including some offbeat activities. You can make your booking directly from the app itself, and peruse venue options, the number of people interested in a particular event, and even its rating or review. Having partnered with many banks and service providers, Book My Show can get you the best deal (and even some exciting add-ons) for your buck!

Expenses Manager

Moving to a new city can be expensive, especially if you don’t choose coliving at a professionally managed space like Stanza Living (more on them later). Expenses Manager helps you easily keep track of your budget, and spending with its 18 predefined categories. Once you’ve set your budget for the month, you can analyse your expenditure patterns and the app will even inform you if there is any possibility of you overshooting the set budget, based on your trend of expenditure. Get rid of the hassles of budgeting with Expenses Manager, and enjoy your life in a new city.


If you’re moving to a new city, you’ve got your share of worries. But if you’re a woman moving to a new city, it’s possible that your apprehensions are higher. Whether you’ve tried to guarantee your safety by renting an apartment in a gated community in Delhi or choosing a premium girls’ hostel in Ahmedabad, it’s best to have a back-up that you can count on anytime and anywhere. That’s why Safetipin is a good choice for women. The app is designed keeping in mind the concept of personal safety. It incorporates the essential features of GPS tracking, emergency contact numbers, and directions to safe locations. But most importantly, the app pins safe areas along with their safety scores for all users to access in their hours of need. It also enables the users to pin unsafe areas and make others aware of the risk factor. As someone new to a big city and unfamiliar with different localities, this app can prove to be a goldmine. Safetipin is available in English, Hindi, Bahasa and Spanish.

And those are the best apps to download before moving to a new city. So go on, you have all the answers at your fingertips, tap away.

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