Rajinikanth On His Failure To Launch His Party Declaration, Regrets Revealed

On Tuesday, Actor Rajinikanth declared his failure to launch the party, who were planned to be revealed on 31 December. The actor has regretted for not unveiling the party in either a three-page message on Twitter.

I know only about the sadness of the announcement of this judgment,’ he concluded, continuing anything without going into election policies he would serve people. In January 2021, before the next vote to the Tamil Nadu legislature, the 70-year old actor was supposed to launch his party.

In Hyderabad, he was brought with ‘extreme hypertension and fatigue’ to a medical facility previously this week. After his blood pressure was stabilised, he was released on December 27 and was recommended by doctors for a week’s rest.

Given his post-transplant condition, labile hypertension, and the age, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad said a statement. He was advised to be in full bed rest with daily blood pressure monitoring. He was also advised to avoid any behaviours that raise the risk of Covid-19, added the hospital.

Doctors had been counselling the actor against hectic lifestyles after he was subjected to kidney transplants in 2016; however, before this month he had confirmed his willingness to sacrifice his life for the Tamil Nadu people and to make two appointments to his party, while there was health problem.