It’s Time to Bid Adieu to Internet Explorer, Microsoft confirms

In a blog post on Monday, Microsoft has announced the shutdown of IE from August 2021 after it’s legacy of 25 years. From August 17, 2021, onwards, it will end its support for IE 11 across 265 apps of the company, implying that the browser won’t be functional through Microsoft Products like Office 365, Outlook, and others.

Why an end to Internet Explorer?

Microsoft posted that the Customers have been engaged with the exemplary IE 11 since 2013, the time when the online atmosphere was less complicated than the environment today. It said that the explorer had been dedicated in promoting smooth transaction.

Apps designed for Microsoft Edge Legacy shall resume working in the new Microsoft Edge, but if any issue arises in regard to compatibility, App Assure will provide support.

Microsoft is putting a halt to it supports to the Internet Explorer 11 with the Microsoft Teams web apps on November 30, later this year, following which it’s going to end its support for the Microsoft Edge Legacy desktop app on March 9, 2021, thereupon, the desktop app will no longer receive new security updates.

Reasons for declining of the IE

Sources suggest that neither Internet Explorer nor Microsoft Edge is any more into use. Statistics state the market share of IE to be only 2.2 percent.

Mosaic, Netscape Navigators, and Norwegian Opera gave enough competition to IE back in the 1990s , however, IE still maintained its supremacy in the market and dominated with 90% of the share till 2001. Mozilla Firefox changed the game in 2002. With its evident features, it arrested the viewers in no time and hence, it’s gain. The coming up of iPhone in 2007 and Google for smartphone networks was revolutionary. IE did not support the smartphone which contributed to its decline which kept on continuing further with consumers switching to safari and google.

Switch to Microsoft Edge

Pertaining to the limitations introduced with the usage of the Internet Explorer 11 and it’s shut down, Microsoft has asked its customers to switch to the Microsoft Edge browser. They have claimed that all the apps of the Internet Explorer will work on the Edge Browser.

It marked that the users can use one browser and experience the other without any potential issue, the best of the newly designed web in one tab while using a business-related legacy IE 11 app in some other tab – all engaged within the new app, Edge.

Netizens Reaction

The internet is crowded with the memes related to the shutdown, with one quoting, ‘Beta ek zamana hua karta tha jab hum browser hua karte the” and many more .