Fashion In Modern World

Fashion is changing. It is changing faster than ever, and for those who do not keep up with the trends, it might seem as if there never was such thing as fashion before. But as we all know, fashion has always been around. If we were to look at one of the first known paintings that depicted human figures wearing clothes, we would quickly realize that fashion has always been around.

The history of fashion has brought us many different changes, for example, the popularization of jeans. Today, more pairs of jeans were sold in one year than pairs of trousers were sold during the whole period between 1950-1960. Women’s fashion is ever-changing as well. More and more often, we see women’s skirts get shorter and shorter. In addition, the fashion industry puts a lot of emphasis on following trends and being up to date with what is popular at that moment. This is very understandable as it gives them more business opportunities.

In today’s world, there are many different types of people around, for instance, someone who prefers to wear jeans and a t-shirt every day, which was not possible in the old days when their social class determined people’s clothes. Many different factors determine what is popular from one country to another; for instance, the most popular type of clothing in Denmark is T-shirts, while most Japanese women prefer Haori coats.

Notable Changes in Fashion Industry

 Fashion is changing, and it will keep changing with time. Trends come and go, but fashion has always been here to make our lives more beautiful and exciting.

  1. Popularization of the internet and eCommerce
  2. Rise in mass production and affordability
  3. Fashion is becoming less gender-specific due to masculine and feminine stereotypes changes.
  4. Advancements in technology such as 3D printing, wearable technology, etc.
  5. Focusing on fast fashion and affordable clothes.
  6. More diversity as modern technology makes it possible to communicate with people from all around the world.
  7. Growing importance of the cultural aesthetic values in Western Europe, Japan, and South Korea since they are now becoming more globalized.
  8. Urbanization; people are living closer together, making it easier to buy fashion from big brands.
  9. Globalization; for example, the Western fashion industry influences other countries worldwide, such as China and Japan.
  10. Increased access to many different types of clothes through fast fashion business models even though the quality might not be that good anymore due to mass production methods.
  11. More and more new fashion brands that are accessible to the mass public
  12. The majority of women prefer wearing jeans: most popular among all types of clothing in most countries
  13. More individual approaches to fashion, including “fast-fashion” and more personalized clothes
  14. Preference for new trends rather than classic styles that were previously popular before
  15. It has become more accessible for people to keep up with trends due to social media, online videos, etc.

 Fashion Industry Expectations in Near Future

  • Old classic styles will be back as vintage style gets popular again. In addition, 3D printing advances will allow for faster prototyping of textiles and clothes
  • More and more avant-garde fashion designs with a high price tag due to higher costs of material and production
  • Fashion items will be cheaper to produce, meaning that there will be more affordable options for people worldwide.
  • Many new fashion items will be created due to advancements in technology; this means that there will be many new ways of advertising clothing through social media, online videos, etc.
  • People are expected to become more interested in avant-garde fashion designs in the future due to globalization
  • There will be more demand for customizable fashion items. Customization is also likely to become more accessible through 3D printing, allowing people to personalize their clothes even further.
  • The demand for stylish wearables is expected to increase in the future.

In general, fashion has been ever-changing throughout history. From Roman togas to see-through blouses, fashion has constantly been shifting. Fashion changes at a rapid pace today. What was popular yesterday will probably not be tomorrow. This is why it is important to stay up to date with what’s trending if you don’t want to risk getting left behind in the next few years.

We can say that today’s world of fashion is ever-changing and full of opportunities for both people who make their living out of it and those looking for a job in this field. It is an exciting industry if you consider yourself creative and open to new challenges. There is much room for young talented individuals who want to become a part of the fashion world.Also in this industry you can find a lots of places where you can promote your fashion sense. One of witch is our website myygirl!