7 Unknown Facts Behind Natural Mosquito Repellents

Mosquitoes are one deadly creature that transmits various dangerous diseases, namely malaria, dengue, chikungunya etc. It is due to the increase in mosquito breeding that leads to a massive toll on one’s health. Hence, it is extremely important to reduce the mosquito crowd around us.

While the market is filled with chemical based repellents to get away from mosquitoes, most people are scared to use them because of the high chemical agent that causes allergies and skin infections. Since few know about insect natural repellent, it is imperative to know some unknown facts about them. It will help one understand the product and its value to use it with no worry to drive away the harmful pests.

Fact 1: Ingredients: 

Products like mosquito repellent herbal and other natural insect sprays that are doing the rounds in the market are non-toxic, harmless, and have medicinal values. They are made with a unique blend of seeds, plant extracts, herbs, and different herbal oils. The substances such as eucalyptus, neem, lemongrass, Devdaru oil, cedarwood, and others have insect-repelling properties that make these natural repellent products highly effective.

Fact 2: Easy To Make:

When the creepy crawlies enter the house without any alarm, having the insect repellent handy is imperative to keep the house safe and healthy for a living. While there are different natural repellent products easily available in the market, making them at home is easy.

Here are some easy DIY for natural repellent sprays:

  • Garlic water: Because of the pungent garlic smells, mosquitoes are at bay. Simply crush the garlic and boil them in water. Pour the solution into a spray, and your mosquito repellent spray is ready to be used around the house and outdoors near the light bulbs, garage, etc.
  • Pepper solution: The properties of pepper causes the lizard’s body to burn and keep them away from the house. You can instantly have pepper solution handy by mixing grounded pepper powder in water and pouring it into a spray bottle. Use it in lizard- prone areas and live a lizard-free life.
  • Neem spray: With neem leaves easily available, you can have your organic spray at home in minutes to keep the insects at bay. Boil the neem leaves in water and pour them into the spray bottle. Spray it in areas where there are high chances of insects. You can also use it on your skin to repel mosquitoes.

 Fact 3: Effective Like Chemical Repellent:

 There have been many misconceptions that people have been living with for natural insect repellents. Use them as a complementary product, ineffective, or use a higher amount of product to keep the bugs away are some that have made people underrate natural repellent sprays. The essential oils used in these natural sprays have insect-repellent properties that make them effective like any chemical-based repellent. Those substances have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties that are safe for the skin too, thus making them a powerful product overall.

Fact 4: Repellents Are not Just Used Indoors, But Outdoors Too:

Since you know mosquitoes can bite anytime that may cause severe illness, one would be worried to protect their loved ones who spend more time outdoors. Many are living with the notion that we can only use natural repellents indoors. Since it is a safe product, we can easily use the herbal insect repellent spray in the exteriors of the house. Hence, one can easily organize a party or a get-together without the worry of bugs.

Also, if you are a constant mosquito magnet, you can use the natural repellent body spray any time during the day. You can use it indoor as well as outdoors while going to the office, playground, street, or shopping to keep yourself safe and away from pests.

Fact 5: Safe For Kids And Pregnant Women:

When it is about the usage of a particular product for kids and pregnant women, extra caution has to be taken to not harm their skin or health. Chemical-based repellents have DEET as an ingredient that easily keeps the bloodsuckers away, but this substance is harmful to the nervous system and creates adverse changes in one’s body. It not only brings a negative reversal in the body’s glucose level, but it also reduces the red blood cells. DEETS are also dangerous for the foetus and pregnant woman’s kidneys. Contrarily, the natural repellent sprays are made of natural oils, extracts, and herbs and are away from DEETS making them extremely safe for the kids and pregnant women’s health.

Fact 6: Safe For Skin And Health:

Due to the presence of DEETS and other toxic substances, the side-effects of the chemical-laden repellents are enormous. This leads to rashes, itchiness, redness, and many other skin and health issues. In a nutshell, chemical-based repellents do more harm than good. However, since the natural insect repellents result from plant extracts and other natural oils, they are 100% safe for the skin. Substances such as eucalyptus, neem, tea tree oil, lemongrass, etc. have medicinal values and thus, they are good for your health while you use them to repel the insects.

Fact 7: Cruelty-Free:

The natural repellent helps keep both you and the bugs safe. In their production process, they don’t hurt or harm any animals. Also, these natural repellents don’t kill the bugs, instead, they just keep the pesky insects away. Thus, along with being cruelty-free, they also help you stay worry-free as it is a very safe product to be used around you and your loved ones.

Now that you know the importance of natural repellents, it’s time to ditch the chemical-based mosquito repellents and switch to natural products to save ourselves and our environment in a better way. If you have always been a mosquito magnet, you can finally throw outdoor parties, watch a movie at home with your family and friends, and chill in your balcony without being constantly bothered about being bitten.