Wrong Ways To Learn English

English is everywhere internationally and nationally. Its social and commercial value is high because it is only one language which uses globally. So you need to learn English and increase English fluency and spontaneity.

You learn correctly but you have to stop the mistake and repeated it continuously. My friends like to speak in English but he suffered from the repetition of the same mistake, so stop this. Let’s identify the problems and try to solve it.

  • Fear in English use as speaking Language:-     

When you think that you never speak in English and it is hard and impossible for you, you never learn English. And your Spoken English never comes at the level you want.

So stop about it and English is an easy language. So cut the fear start to learn English in a fun and enjoyable way.

  • Translation from other languages to English:-

Translation from your native language to English and speak! It is the wrong way to learn. To speak fluent English you must think in English and speak then. You know, sometimes the translation method might make a joke.

  • Low practicing:-

Our mother tough or our native language is fluent because it is used to us. We use it every time. So learning a new thing with a fluency you must practice it and this practice method helps you to improve English spontaneity. If you want to build up your English vocabulary you have to use practicing methods and English conversation.

 If you don’t have any partner practice it with yourself. Mirror practicing is one of the good methods to learn.

  • Thinking about Grammatical Error:-

Grammar is important for all languages. And it is compulsory for every language. But if you think about this too much mistake would happen definitely.

Solution:- Stop think about these rules learn the simple way. In spoken English use this are three basic forms of tense in your basic and regular use:-

  • Present Tense: The formation is “Subject->Verb1->object”(*use “s” with the verb when you use third-person singular number(she/ he/ some name) as the subject.
  • Past Tense:- Say in this way “Subject->Verb2->object”
  • Present Continuous:- Speak like “Subject->be verb(am/is/are)->Verb1+ ing->object”

          When you start to practice in English in the beginning, follow these rules other things will be cleared from time to time.

  • Avoid the LRWS method:-

Do you know what is LRWS? L for listening, R for reading, W for Written, S for Speak. And learner doesn’t follow this method so they suffer and can’t enjoy the language.

So first listen to lots of English songs, music, audio-visual videos like motivational videos, and so on. Read lots of storybooks in English or those which in your interest. Write it and practice it. Speak in English and practice regularly. Those methods help to pronunciation, vocabulary, and Grammar too.

  • An unplanned Practicing method:-

Never make a plan and routine to learning English. Is it true let me tell you it will never work for your English So make a plane, regular practicing time schedule? Use YouTube channels, app, and video.

Kick out the wrong technique in your spoken English learning. Make a write step learn English quickly and with fun.