Things That You Should Need To Know About Covid-19

With the rapid antigen tests being held in India a number of around 79,141 per million number is built. UP Bihar and Delhi are among the three states that are rapidly using far more of these antigen tests. The statistics go around 9.66 million until Tuesday evening and the other states such as Uttar Pradesh and Bihar have been conducting more tests. The use of RT-PCR tests has alone largely used in up and Bihar along with the rapid antigen tests.

Even around 127,000 tests per million and the population from Tamil Nadu covid-19 statistics have come forward and they at least got lower before the test.

Covid-19 infections until Tuesday in the southern state has been seen up to 714, 235 it is one of the first highest in the country after Maharashtra Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh.

Also recorded that around 10,983 deaths having confirmed and according to which Karnataka and Maharashtra are the third highest.

Marginally the rate of fatality is 1.53% which is higher and as per country fatality rate goes up to 1.5 %. Also, its accumulation is 7.4% as a positive rate that goes the same as the other country’s which is around 7.57%.

The above-mentioned statistics were in terms of Tamil Nadu State and that is gradually not an exceptional thing.

From the time in the coronavirus pandemic head India, it is believed that Tamilnadu was one of the best ages that have exceptionally manage the health crisis, and here is the reason why?


The population around 76 million the test snake around 1,27,000 people according to chameleon was an achievement. Also, there are several significant States that relieves relied exclusively on RT PCR modular tests.

The rapid use of antigen tests that has given a false rate of around 50% disinter means that half the people are carrying the virus. Jivan India is on the 79,141 per million number is built on the rapid antigen test. Also according to you up and Bihar statistics and when you compare them even Delhi uses the same test far more than anybody should be using. One of the best positive approaches through where Tamilnadu using RT PCR test have given us a great credible outcome.

Even the positive reserve switch in which people testing positive as a percentage depends on the test being conducted. While on the other hand Tamil Nadu positive rates I have reached high and the number of deaths has increased. As the number of infection show the number of high testing also increased within 7 days it reached below 5% and the daily number is always below 5 people in the past 12 days. According to the w h o that released the rate of pandemic meaning reached below 5% the benchmark needs to be achieved as the consistency of the test remains to be e attar peak. In this way at least Tamilnadu is considering both types of tests and thus has shown the light in the darkness.