Terms and Conditions

Almost all users subscribe to the Service Terms mentioned below by accessing our platform.


There have been no membership costs so we’re not going to force any of our customers to register for our services (editorials writers). Have no thought about theft.


We encourage users to sign up from all nations and write articles throughout the mentioned categories above. Feedooz management can only accept of the consistency and content of the product. We have the right to deny, at any time drop user posts. Even Feedooz ‘staff has the right to suspend, without warning, withdrawing previously accepted posts.

Articles shall be submitted for at least 250 words

Copy material is denied or excluded from our website

If even the user’s post is accepted, it’s excluded from our Site if our Feedooz team feels the contents are duplicate or unworthy.

When writing material external links can be put, the article should be reworded. If not, until our Feedooz team agrees, ties will be erased.

If we detect spam, abuse, treat income, or some other wrongdoing, we will freeze the user’s income and ship the account without any warning.

In Feedooz.com it is explicitly forbidden to have naughty and dirty material, dirty political and religious material, pornographic, naked, porn, drugs, and all other government local contents

Article Approval:

We always have the freedom, without justification, to reject or remove any document.

Our staff will review your pending post with a minimum of 1 day up to 5 days.

You can email us at [email protected] when your post is pending for more than five days.

We have the rights to remove or delay your approved article during an alteration even though your article has been approved.


For any article you publish, FeedooZ will pay.

Amounts can vary based on the nature of content, vocabulary standard, sentence creation and number of words used when the article is written.

Real-time earnings statists.


Both of our customer’s consent to take their own chance of accessing all of our services. As is available, the services rendered under this arrangement are rendered.

Developers (Feedooz) will not directly or implicitly sell to someone your item (content). And we could not guarantee you that our guests, the media, and the consumer could shield your written article from duplication.

Feedooz does not offer any guarantees of any sort either articulated or implied, including but not limited to merchantability warrants, or to its parents or subsidiaries or affiliates or their staff, offices, directors, shareholders, distributors, officers, attorneys, vendors, third-party information distributor, brokers, licenses or any other such sort (each, “company”).

No individual from the organization makes any promises that services are not disturbed or error-free; nor does anyone warrant that any information, services, or goddess that are stored in or supplied by the services are accessed by the use of the service or that they are correct, secure or content-oriented.

We are not responsible for the contents of any data transmitted to or from our users through the services offered by us and expressly disclaim any responsibility. You can neither make a promise, nor rely on such information or advice, nor offer oral advice or written information provided by another company person. Any dissolution of this Arrangement shall remain in this Clause.

We have more rights to reform than ever.

But believe us; we will do our utmost to make your faith dignified.

Ultimately, we get all the freedom anywhere on the time before advance warning to alter the above terms and privacy policies.

Thanks for our support.  Please email us for more clarification.


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