Privacy Policy

People at South India Post gather and maintain user data under the following Privacy Policies, to incorporate our principles in the company: openness, accessibility, cleanliness, usability. This paper is included in South India Post‘s Terms of Service and you subscribe to this Privacy Policy and to the Terms of Service using“websites”). For meanings and addresses, please read the Service Conditions as a whole.

(a) Data Collected

In order to track traffic and address glitches, we collect anonymous data from. visiter of the Website For eg, we collect information such as site demands, data sent in reply to these requests, the address of the Internet Protocol, the device type, the device language and time marks.

Throughout terms of the ability for you to save your profile and the relevant documentation and remarks, we require you to log in and include some personal details (such as your name and email address). We use cookies to store session information for your convenience to allow these or some other login related characteristics. You can block or uninstall cookies and still use Content, but any time you log into the Web site you are expected to enter your user name and password. You may also choose to provide us with more personal information in order to profit from such features of the Site, such as your image or your personal website. However, you may only opt to use those features to provide that information on a voluntary basis.

You can access, edit, and uninstall your profile-related info. Please contact us at [email protected] if you wish to delete your account and we will follow up on such a request as soon as possible.

South India Post should not be used by minors and infants. You represent your lawful ability to enter into a contractual arrangement through your use of this website.

(b) Use of the Data

We just use your personal details to provide you with South India Post services or to connect the services or website with you.

We take the privacy and confidentiality of these records seriously with regard to any records you may choose to add to South India Post. Both records are encrypted and edited edits made to records are permanently removed. We request that anytime you intend to make a record online, all references to persons and addresses are written so we can not secure public information and are not responsible for any breach of the privacy legislation for which you may be liable.

We use industry standard methods, including personal information, to protect against unwanted access to information about you we store.

Without your permission, we will not share your personal details with us, except:

– to carry out your own order, it is appropriate;

– we agree that it is necessary or constitutionally required to impose our Service Terms;
– we agree that fraud, protection or technological problems need to be identified, avoided or addressed;

– preserving our own land, legislation or that of those otherwise.

By email or by other means, South India Post can contact you. For example, South India Post may give you promotional email addresses concerning South India Post and/or other third parties South India Post feels interested in you or may contact you concerning the use of the South India Post Website. When you open an email from us, South India Post can still use the technology to warn us with a confirmation email. By clicking on the required connexion in the footer of the email alerts you will change your email Message preferences. Please opt out of e-mailing at the end of South India Post if you do not wish to accept e-mails from South India Post.

(c)  Sharing of Data

We do not share with third parties your sensitive information. The best way to help us enhance the Storywitt website and program is to send anonymized data regularly to external providers. We currently use Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Zendesk, and Chartbeat (analytics). We have the right to use Google Analytics (traffic analysis, SEO optimization). Here is the information precisely collected from certain third parties. Find out all about your online privacy policy.

Services such as Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook also have social keys. You are completely voluntary in using these third-party providers. You are responsible for reading and understanding the privacy policy and/or procedures of those third-party providers and are not accountable to us.

We hire and collaborate with individuals and other firms that conduct and are under our supervision those duties on our behalf. In order to supply you with goods and services, we can need to share personal details with our agents. Except if we tell you otherwise, our agents have the right to use all of our personal or other details that we share with them, except to support us. You hereby commit to our confidential information exchange with our members.

We can purchase or sell the property. User identification is normally one of the exchanged company properties for these kinds of transactions. Often, in the absence of insolvency of us or substantially any of our assets, consumer data will be an asset passed to, or obtained by, a third party. You accept that such transactions can take place and that any customer or asset of us can continue to use your personal details as set out in this agreement.

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